Quickly Shutdown

I learned very quickly, while shutting down a comptuer lab of 24 systems, that the "Start, Shutdown, Shutdown" process can be tedious and boring.

It's more like, Start... wait... Shutdown... wait... Shutdown.

Then I read somewhere online about a speedy alternative. "Alt F4, then press Enter" (Pressing enters assumes the last time you shutdown you actually clicked "shutdown". If you clicked Standby, then Enter will activate "Standby". So just make sure one-more-time and click Shutdown.

Pressing Alt F4 while inside a program will actually close that program. (Which is what happened to me while typing this. *smile*. This is the 2nd draft.)

Anyway, next time you're ready to shutdown your system (which you should be doing daily for System Restore points), give this shortcut a try.

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